Co-Branding is carried out to increase public awareness and attraction to the contribution of industrial partners in the scope of technology research, technology creation and commercialization of innovative products.

Co-Branding Program 2023

This year we have a different concept from the previous year, Co-Branding Contest becomes Co-Branding Program 2023. One of the series of this program is a month-long digital marketing training for 10 selected startups, while during the training process they will be assessed to determine 3 startups that will get the main prize of a video.

Whitney leaning against a railing on a downtown street

Co-branding program actually goes hand in hand with collaborations in Co-creation and Facilities.

This is the program that you can consider as your benefits. You will get an area within the ITB ecosystem to be used as branding for industrial partners, in addition to having information center facilities for industrial partners and the Co-Creation program.

Then it will increase brand image and public awareness of industrial partners through all marketing channels that will be implemented. It is hoped that the impact in marketing collaboration and brand image with ITB will grow new markets for the industrial partners.

Our Latest Event

Co-Branding Contest 2022

The first Co-Branding Contest held in April 2022. Out of a total of 27 startups from the ITB environment that have registered, we have selected 3 startups that have the opportunity to receive professional videos. The type of video depends on startup needs. It can be a profile video or product video with a duration of approximately 3 minutes. Here is a video of 3 startups in 2022.